About Us

Kevin Tang is a PostDoctorate Associate at Yale University, working under the supervision of Prof. Ryan Bennett. Dr. Tang earned his Ph.D in Linguistics from University College London in 2015. His research areas are experimental and computational phonology with a focus on speech perception and lexicon modelling.

His overarching research framework is to establishing ecological validity of linguistic research by integrating results from large-scale laboratory-based experiments and naturalistically-gathered corpus data as well as developing computational resources to further this goal. He has current research projects on naturalistic misperception, Mayan phonology and lexicon, and speech assessment for specific language impairment.



Andrew Nevins is a Professor of Linguistics at University College London. Professor Nevins earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics from MIT in 2005. His research areas are phonological and morphological theory and the use of experimental methods to shed light on speakers’ knowledge of patterns in their language.

He is primarily interested in formal restrictions on phonotactics and morphotactics, microvariation within closely related varieties of the same language, naturalistic misperception, and the representation of features. He has current research projects on nasal harmony, lenition, compounding, and cliticization, including work on Brazilian Portuguese, Basque, MaxakalĂ­, and Slovenian.